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Mars Geography Scavenger Hunt

  The Mars Geography Scavenger Hunt activity was developed to give participants a structured way to explore the map and learn about the major geographic features on Mars either with or without a tour guide. Information sheets, shown below, were created for 15 important geographic landmarks across the planet. The front side has basic information about each feature and a close-up picture of an important part of the feature, while the back side has a portion of the global map centered on the feature . 

  During public events, participants are given a binder with all 15 information sheets and are challenged to find each of the locations. During educational events, classes are broken into 15 groups and each group is given one feature to find. Once all of the groups have located their features, the students are asked to gather around Olympus Mons and the group who was assigned to it summarizes the facts from the information sheet for the entire class. Then the class walks from feature to feature while each small group describes their assigned feature to the entire class.

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